What I wanted to do with my life was never a question.
I always knew: I want to help people.

The real question was how and who?

I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself.
I wanted my impact to have an enormous reach,
and I wanted to help people improve their health and happiness.

This is how I came to Public Health.

I also had a love and flair for organization and planning, for understanding and awareness, and an unrelenting fascination with human behavior. As an anthropology undergraduate, I was fascinated by medical anthropology. Learning about other health belief systems truly shed light on how influential our beliefs and perceptions can be on our biological health, how we take care of ourselves, and what choices we make that impact our health. I believed understanding these systems would allow me to help people improve their health and prevent disease from occuring.

This is how I came to the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In my e-portfolio, you will find evidence of my comprehensive understanding of Social and Behavioral Science concepts, their importance and application in Public Health, and examples of coursework and real world work I accomplished during my education.

Why I want to help children and adolescents.